The work at The Island School stretches far and wide, and we’re thrilled to celebrate the depth and the breath of our organization with some new and refreshed visuals. An important priority in our Strategic Plan, Our Blue Horizon, is to share and inspire the true uniqueness of what we do and to better the common understandings of our shared identity.

Who Are We?

With those goals in mind, we’ve made a few changes to how we identify The Island School. Founded in 1999, ‘The Island School’ is the unifying brand and organization that grew overtime into several widely recognized and impressive programs including the Semester and Summer Term, the Deep Creek Middle School, the Cape Eleuthera Institute and the Elementary Learning Center. We also proudly welcome many local and international students to our campus each year for community engagement programs, partnerships, and visiting schools and groups.  

Why the Mutton Snapper?

You will see, in our refreshed logo, all of our programs have taken on the identity of the Mutton Snapper. The original logo of The Island School, founders Chris and Pam Maxey selected the fish when Chris founded his non-profit studying off-shore aquaculture systems using the mutton snapper. With one shared identity, we can help people truly understand all that takes place on the tip of Cape Eleuthera, and the range of participants that share in our work. 

Our Website: 

Alongside the refreshed logo, we are thrilled to share our new Island School website! Similarly to the shared identity you will see within the mutton snapper family, our new website encompasses all of our work on one site, helping others understand the ways in which our programs share and collaborate and enrich the collective Island School experience.

The homepage of our new website.
One Shared Identity:

Whether coming for one Semester or one week, participating in local programs at The Island School year over year, or spending time here as a visiting scientist, The Island School continues to inspire leadership effecting change through education, research, and innovation. And, what makes The Island School unlike any other organization we know of is the intersection of all of these programs together. Our young elementary students learn alongside PhD researchers, and our international Semester students collaborate on community projects with our local middle school students, we all work together to care for our campus’ sustainable systems, and we all sit together at lunch and talk about our days and then work together to do dishes and clean up after a delicious meal. Day by day and year by year we are building a more liveable future.