Virtual Programs

Go Virtual With The Island

Interested in learning more about marine conservation, sustainable systems, island ecology, tourism, and culture? Through the combined resources of our educators and scientists, we are excited to offer a series of virtual learning opportunities tailored to elementary through Ph.D. students, with offerings geared towards school groups, classrooms, and teachers.

Knowing that education looks different today than it did a year ago, we are pleased to share our ongoing research investigations, our exceptional island location and knowledge, and our expertise in sustainable living and design. Our mission, leadership effecting change, aims to ask questions that connect us with the world around us, ultimately leading to a more sustainable world and stronger connections to the places and communities in which we live. 

Marine Ecology, Biology & Conservation

Since inception, The Island School has capitalized on our exceptional island location to develop a sense of place and learn through the world around us. Today, professional scientists use our Cape Eleuthera Institute as a central location for marine research projects and all of our students partake in this authentic research during their time with us. Whether in-person or virtual, you too can participate in meaningful research and conservation efforts and learn about the many ecosystems around us.

Sample 1-hour Programs 

Mangrove Ecology

Students are introduced to the ecology, anatomy, and characterization of mangrove ecosystems. There will be a focus on the services mangrove ecosystems provide and the threats that they face. The  lesson will include a virtual walkthrough of the mangrove system both above and below the water. 

Invasive Species in the Caribbean and Lionfish Dissection

In this class, students will be introduced to the impacts of invasive species on reef biodiversity in the Caribbean. We will look at how lionfish have impacted nearshore reef biodiversity on a local scale. Students will watch how lionfish are collected on Eleuthera through a spearfishing video walkthrough. An interactive presentation on the ecology, life cycle, and impacts of lionfish will be followed by a live video dissection to give students a closer look into the anatomy of the fish. 

Other topics include:

  • Sustainable Fisheries
  • Coral Reef Ecology
  • Invertebrates Lesson
  • Conch Fisheries in The Bahamas and Conservation
  • Beach Plastics Research & Collection

Sustainable Living and Design

We live on a green campus that utilizes our island location, putting to use solar and wind energy, practicing water catchment, and many other sustainable systems that minimize our environmental impact. Whether you are looking to bolster your organization’s sustainability goals, or you are interested in digging into sustainable technologies and systems with your students, we can provide information and discussion to fit your needs.

  • Solar and Wind
  • Waste Management
  • Aquaponics
  • Biodiesel

CEI Research and Lab Studies

Our scientists at the Cape Eleuthera Institute are conducting research in a number of different areas ranging from deep sea to open ocean to reefs to coastal ecology and biology, and our research staff are eager to share their work. You can view our research initiatives here.