College & Opportunity Readiness

Success Ahead

Students depart the Semester or Summer Term at The Island School ready to take on academic, professional, and personal challenges ahead. They are prepared in every way, including:

  • They’ve gained a strong sense of independence being away from home.
  • Their core courses are covered.
  • They’ve learned self-reliance in an academic setting, including critical time management skills.
  • Nearly all our alumni write about their Semester or Summer Term experience in their college or job applications.
  • They receive recommendation letters from teachers who know them exceptionally well and have seen them at their best.
  • Admissions and hiring managers recognize that Island School students are even more prepared to take on an independent opportunity.
  • Hands-on experiences have helped our students to hone their passions and discover new ones.

Semester and Summer Term students go on to a wide range of undergraduate colleges and universities, gap year programs, internships, and jobs across a wide range of fields. Get connected with a College or Opportunity Ambassador!

The Island School Stories

I found myself at The Island School. Going through so many uncomfortable situations in such a short period of time is very difficult in the moment, but when you go home you are so equipped for the rest of your life.

Ava Roche F19

Semester Student