Student Safety

Priority One

The Island School is committed to ensuring the health and well-being of all of our students. With our remote location on the island of Eleuthera and the active nature of our outdoor curriculum, we are very intentional in mitigating risk. From student oversight to staff training to risk management practices and policies, our students’ safety is our primary concern.

In the event of illness, we have medically trained staff on our campus to handle day-to-day medical issues that arise. In addition there are experienced doctors, along with nurse practitioners, on call 24 hours a day at the Rock Sound Clinic located twenty miles from campus. More serious illness or injury that requires evacuation off the island is coordinated through The Island School staff.

Teachers and staff members are trained in advanced wilderness first aid and there is always a staff member with a wilderness first responder (WFR) certification on call at the campus and on all wilderness expeditions. Strong reliance on the buddy system ensures that students take responsibility for themselves and their classmates.

The Island School must have complete and up-to-date health information for each student. During orientation, the medical staff conducts personal interviews with each student. It is critical that every student has a medical form and a liability agreement signed by a parent and a physician. Additionally, The Island School medical liability agreement must be completed and signed authorizing Island School staff to act and serve in loco parentis.