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The Island School:
How do you live well in a place?

Located in Eleuthera, The Bahamas, The Island School provides a transformative experience for all who come here. With a focus on conservation and sustainability, and an experiential education informed by world-class research, we are developing responsible citizens and leaders who can ensure a more sustainable future for our planet.

United by a shared purpose — to develop leaders who inspire and drive change — the Island School is a single organization made up of several interconnected parts including:

Whether you’re an educator or student, or a scientist or engineer, you’ll work and learn side by side with others across our community — united in a common purpose to grow together as intentional leaders and responsible stewards of our environment.

Programs & Partnerships

Some of the most important work we do involves outreach and partnerships with local schools, organizations, and community groups. We collaborate with these local partners to design and implement community outreach programs that meet their requests and that align with our expertise in education, conservation, and sustainability. Learn more about our local programs.

Some of the most important work we do at The Island School involves our work within the community and the individuals and organizations that partner with us. These joint efforts integrate The Island School with Eleuthera and The Bahamas, as well as help build global connections. We are also always thrilled to connect with more distant groups who seek a dynamic environment for educational programs or science and innovation opportunities.

The Two Sides of The Island School

Think of The Island School as two sides of a coin — one side being education; the other, research and innovation. Every program, every initiative here encompasses both. Students learn through hands-on research. Scientists conduct research while educating and sharing with others. We are one organization, integrating science and learning, creating an active, collaborative experience for all.

How do you
live well
in a place?

Community, Equity, and Belonging

From our inception, we have endeavored to develop a sense of place and a genuine sense of belonging in every member of our community. We respect and embrace the complexity of the contexts within which we live and learn in South Eleuthera. In order to live out and model our mantra of leadership effecting change, we expect all community members to respect our place, value our people, and challenge others to do the same throughout all aspects of our shared work.

Looking to become a force for positive change? This is the place.

The Island School is an active, place-based learning experience. And, it just so happens that we have an awesome “place” to learn. With the unique resources of our island campus and a clear blue ocean as our laboratory, this is a place to gain an understanding of native ecosystems and environmental sustainability — by experiencing them firsthand.

The Island School Stories

The Island School serves a diverse group of Bahamian and international students. Through holistic learning experiences designed to challenge students intellectually, emotionally, and physically, we develop leaders who inspire change locally and globally. Each student’s learning journey is distinct, but all programs are enriched by projects and real work done collaboratively across the organization.

Katy Walz

Director of Education

Our Mission: Leadership Effecting Change.

Our Vision: The Island School’s vision is to serve as a catalyst in the global transition to a more livable future through three institutional keystones:

Develop a sense of place in students through immersion experiences in the natural and cultural environment;

Model sustainability of individual lifestyles, larger communities, and the systems that support them;

Create an intentional community in which members are cognizant of their abilities, limitations, and effect on others.

A Study of the Environment — In the Environment

Our educational philosophy emphasizes an active, hands-on connection to place. Here, students, educators, scientists, and engineers immerse themselves in our island’s diverse natural setting, engaging in the process of inquiry to discover real solutions to real-world problems.

Learn more about The Island School’s educational philosophy.

High Rock is a favorite destination of
The Island School community.
Two miles across the Cape from campus,
its a great spot to jump in and snorkel.