About the High School Semester and Summer Term

Immerse Yourself in a Life-changing, Environment-changing Experience

The Island School Semester and Summer Term are designed for high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the summer time only. The programs are place-based and experiential, immersing students in both the natural and cultural landscape of South Eleuthera in The Bahamas. Whether you choose the 100-day Semester program or 6-week Summer Term, you’ll learn what it means to live well in a place and how you can become a leader in helping to drive positive change.

Learn About the Environment, in the Environment.

At The Island School, you’ll work alongside educators, scientists, and others across our community, investigating South Eleuthera’s local ecosystems. Paddling your sea kayak into the wilderness or looking through your mask at the magical world beneath the sea, you’ll see firsthand the challenges faced by these environs. You’ll build an affinity for the natural environment and learn what it means to become an environmental steward.







Learn Sustainability, by Living Sustainably.

Living on our green campus, you’ll see up close the importance of environmental management practices — from water conservation to renewable energy to waste management.

You’ll work with other community members to manage these systems, learning firsthand what it means to reduce our environmental impact. You won’t just learn about sustainability — you’ll research it; you’ll work it; you’ll live it.

The Island School Stories

The physical, intellectual and emotional growth that comes from challenging yourself beyond what you thought was possible, with the support of teachers, peers and community members who believe in you, is a powerful combination which accelerates the journey of self-discovery in each of our students regardless of their starting point.

Ben Dougherty

CEO/Head of School

In terms of technology, being unplugged was amazing. It was incredible to see how quickly everyone made friends simply because nobody was distracted by social media and everyone was present 100% of the time.

Tess McCormick F18

Semester student

Move Out of Your Comfort Zone.

Integral to the Semester and Summer Term are our physical and outdoor education programs. Each morning, you’ll challenge yourself and support your peers in an hour-long workout on land or in the ocean, waking up your mind and body for the day ahead. Throughout your program, you’ll embark on kayak, sailing, scuba, and wilderness expeditions. You’ll challenge yourself as never before, and you’ll have the encouragement and support of an entire community behind you.

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Change Your Life. Change the World.

Ultimately, our immersive programs provide a transformative educational experience. Here, in a pristine natural environment, without the distractions of cell phones and Internet, you’ll experience — really experience — the beauty, the significance, and the possibilities of the world around you.

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