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TermStudents ArriveFamily WeekendStudents Depart
Spring 2024January 29April 17 – 21May 8
Summer Term 2024June 18July 26 – 29July 30
Fall 2024August 26November 13 – 17December 4
Spring 2025January 27April 9 – 13May 7
Please note, the Family Weekend dates include arrival/departure days.
The Island School Stories

We knew two families whose children had attended The Island School Semester. Their descriptions of the program with phrases such as ‘a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’ and ‘life changing experience’ set a very high bar for our expectations. Our son attended during the fall and our daughter during the summer, and we found that The Island School not only met, but exceeded our expectations. A campus just steps from the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean might appear to be more vacation than work; however, we were impressed by the rigorous development of both mind and body.

Karyn & David Kaplan

Semester Parents

Enrollment & Medical Forms

Below are forms and information that are required for enrollment to The Island School Semester or Summer Term. Click the button corresponding with your class below to access enrollment forms.

*Access to these pages will be shared with accepted students and their families following the enrollment deadline.

Family Weekend

Parents/guardians and immediate family members are invited to The Island School for a special Family Weekend during your student’s Semester or Summer Term. It’s an opportunity to view firsthand life at The Island School and learn more about your student’s experience.


Additional Resources

Student Handbook

Our Student Handbook is designed to outline the rules and policies of the Semester and Summer Term and to introduce students and parents to life at our school. Please take the time to read through the handbook carefully.

Curriculum Guide

The curriculum at The Island School Semester and Summer Term is place-based and experiential. It includes classes in ecological science, field-based scientific research, history, mathematics, art, and English literature, as well as physical and outdoor education, cultural immersion experiences, and service learning.

*Curriculum guides are subject to change before the program start date.

Dress Code & Packing List

This checklist is our strong suggestion of items and quantities you will need for your stay. This list has been refined over several semesters of Island School students.

Cultural expectations

Key to the Semester and Summer Term experience are the opportunities to engage with the community of South Eleuthera. Learn more about The Bahamas, South Eleuthera, and community engagement opportunities. Learn more about community engagement and South Eleuthera.

Student Safety

The Island School is committed to ensuring the health and well-being of our community and our island neighbors. In addition to our COVID-19 Guidelines & Policies, we’ve developed comprehensive risk management practices and rules for our students. Learn more about our student safety and risk management.

Dining Services

Meals are served in our dining hall, buffet style. They are a communal event, a time for community members to connect and engage in conversation. Learn more about our dining services.

COVID-19 Guidelines & Policies

The Island School has worked with global public health, epidemiological, and medical experts to develop a multi-layered approach to mitigating the risk of viral spread within and beyond our community.

Learn more about our COVID-19 Guidelines & Policies.