Summer Term

The Island School High School Summer Term

The Island School Summer Term is a condensed, 45-day intensive program modeling many principles of our Semester. Designed for high school sophomores and juniors, the Summer Term is place-based and experiential, connecting students to the natural and cultural landscape of South Eleuthera.

The Island School Stories

Summer Term is like no other experience. Students are constantly on the go whether that’s scuba diving, research, exploration, or making a long-lasting and meaningful impact in our community. Students will be challenged harder than they ever have before, and walk away inspired, excited, and ready to take on the world with their Island School family’s life-long support wherever they go.

Christina Wickman

Director of Summer Term & Visiting Programs

My Summer Term at The Island School was the happiest time of my teenage life. It was the first time I felt like I truly fit in. I did not only feel accepted but appreciated for who I was. I will be forever grateful for these four most amazing weeks.

Julie Lord

Summer Term Student

Bountiful Cape Eleuthera as Your Classroom

During the Summer Term, you’ll be actively involved — physically and intellectually — in your learning experience. Working with educators, scientists, and engineers, you’ll immerse in fieldwork outside the traditional classroom where you’ll gain a firsthand understanding of our region’s ecosystems and environment.

You might survey mangrove creeks. You may learn about local plants and enjoy them at your next meal. You might study coral reef ecosystems while scuba diving in Marine Ecology class. Wherever your explorations take you, you’ll gain a greater understanding of, and admiration for, the world around you. And, you’ll leave inspired to make your home community more sustainable, too.

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The Field of Ecology Studied — Where Else — in the Field

The Summer Term is a month-long course of active study that includes investigations in Marine Ecology and Human Ecology, courses that will introduce you to marine research and environmental management practices. Similar to our Semester, summer courses have a strong field component to them. You’ll explore local ecosystems alongside scientists at our Cape Eleuthera Institute, as you focus your studies on ecology, research, and sustainable development.

The Island School Stories

At home, my school is all about memorizing facts and spitting them out on the tests. At The Island School, everything you learn applies to the place that you are in and the world around you. The teachers make it even more special, because they become some of your best friends! They challenge you not just academically, but also as people. My teachers stretched me to grow in new ways every single day.

Eleanor Wilson S19

Summer Term student

I thoroughly enjoyed working as a member of the Summer Term faculty. The students were engaged, curious, and eager to have fun in The Island School’s experiential learning setting. The students and faculty alike were truly invested in making the program a meaningful experience for all.

Morgan Kritzman

Summer Term Mentor