Research Facilities

Every Resource for World-leading Research

Visiting scientists and students can conduct their research at Cape Eleuthera Institute or use our facilities as a base of operations for research throughout Eleuthera and The Bahamas.

Like all buildings at The Island School, our research facilities use innovative sustainable design concepts and the best available technologies, to reflect our values and help foster innovative research, while reducing the immediate and long-term impacts on the surrounding ecology.

Our fully equipped campus, set in Eleuthera’s unique ecosystem of diverse terrestrial and marine habitats, offers scientists and researchers every resource and opportunity to effectively conduct world-leading studies.

Scientific & Field Facilities

Cape Eleuthera Institute offers fully equipped lab facilities, including dry lab spaces and a wet lab area to conduct experiments in a controlled environment.




Wet Lab

The wet lab features a fully redundant, flow-through seawater system as well as a recirculating freshwater system. All tanks have access to the wet lab air system for oxygenation. Small and large tanks are available for rental by the day, week, or month. Custom tank and plumbing needs can be accommodated with sufficient advance notice.

Dry Lab

The dry laboratories are located adjacent to our wet lab and are equipped with benches, microscopes, fresh water, refrigerators, and freezers. The dry lab has four separate rooms available for rent by the day, week, or month.

Lab Costs

The Cape Eleuthera Institute maintains a wet lab with a filtered saltwater flow-through system. These facilities can be used for research projects and unique systems can be created with sufficient time allotment.

Small Tanks16 total, 450 gallonsDaily rental available
Large Tanks7 total, 3,400 gallonsDaily rental available
Raceway Tanks2 total, 10 feet longDaily rental available
Respirometry ChamberDaily rental available
Dry Lab SpaceEntire VaultDaily rental available

Waterfront Facilities

Our campus is situated on the leeward coastline of Cape Eleuthera. Our location is ideal for research ventures to nearby Exuma Sound, mangrove creeks, coastal flats, and various other unique ecosystems.

Our robust waterfront facilities allow us to access these areas by boat and by SCUBA. Our boat fleet includes 6 Pangas which can carry up to 14 passengers, 4 skiffs for 4–5 passengers, and our dive boat, the Reef Rat, which can carry up to 35 passengers. All of our waterfront facilities are available to visitors and SCUBA activities and instruction is overseen by our in-house dive instructors.

Scuba Rentals

Scuba diving is dependent upon receiving and passing a check-out test from our Scuba Operations Team. It is our policy that a PADI Divemaster (or equivalent) is present on each dive and must have PADI Liability Insurance. Option for group to be accompanied by a CEIS PADI Divemaster for the day.

Already Certified Divers
  • Dive includes equipment rental
  • Available divemaster distributed amongst entire group
Equipment Rental
  • Includes BCD, regulator, weights, mask/snorkel, fins and one tank
Individual Items Available
  • BCD
  • Regulator
  • Weights
  • Flash lights
  • Tanks

SCUBA Courses

For more information, contact Blair Robertson.

Open Water Dive Course

Includes eLearning code, confined water dives, 4 open water dives, all gear, certification

Advanced Open Water Course

Includes eLearning code, 5 advanced dives: deep, navigation, wreck, peak performance buoyancy, night; dive gear, certification

Discover SCUBA Diving

Includes instruction, gear, confined water training, and first open water dive at nearby dive site ‘The Saddle.’

Add optional dive at nearby dive site ‘Something-To-See’

Vehicle and Boat Rentals

Vehicle use for all CEIS staff or visitors is dependent on the driver receiving and passing a check-out test from the appropriate CEIS staff member. It is not possible to use CEIS vehicles in any capacity without passing an official check-out test.

Boat usage is dependent upon an individual passing a check-out test with the Boathouse Manager and holding an international boating license that is applicable to vessels under 40 feet.

Vehicles can be rented in 1/2 or full day increments. Our rental prices reflect operational costs, maintenance, and service charges.

To inquire about rental costs, email

Pickup TruckDriver + 4 passengersOptional rental with or without a driver
VanDriver + 14 passengersOptional rental with or without a driver
Flatbed TruckDriver + 4 passengersOptional rental with or without a driver
SkiffsDriver + 4 passengersOptional rental with or without a driver
PangaDriver + 13 passengers or 8 passengers with SCUBA gearOptional rental with or without a driver
Diving BoatsDriver + 34 passengers or 24 passengers with SCUBA gearOptional rental with or without a driver
Prices are subject to change without notice.

Our Green Campus

Learn more about our eco-friendly campus and its intelligent sustainable design.


Four dormitory style living quarters, which serve over 300 local and international students annually, are spread across campus. Hallig House offers conference center accommodations for visiting professors, government officials, and short-course leaders. Anderson-Cabot Graduate Hall provides comfortable living space for visiting graduate students and interns.

View our accommodations in detail.

The Island School

The Cape Eleuthera Institute has the most comprehensive range of marine research facilities in The Bahamas. When you add in the local knowledge of our staff scientists, it makes an ideal base for a multitude of scientific research projects.

Dr. Nick Higgs

Director of Research and Innovation