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Leading research by CEI scientists — ranging from bonefish, dolphinfish, and lionfish to sea turtles, sharks, and sustainable fisheries — is often featured in the popular press.


Our research team presents and shares their work at a variety of international events throughout the year. Watch thought-leading scientific presentations by our CEI researchers.

Expanding our Knowledge of the Black Land Crab

Black crabs are an important source of sustenance and income throughout The Bahamas. Despite this, there is a critical lack of research into their fundamental ecology. By investigating the threats they face, we can work to ensure land crab will always be on the menu.

Exuma Sound Ecosystem Research Project

Some of the most understudied marine habitats in The Bahamas are offshore and deep. CEI’s Exuma Sound Ecosystem Research Project studies these habitats, the incredible creatures that live there, and how we are affecting their abundance and behaviors through fishing and development. To learn about our work on pelagic sharks, marine mammals, sargassum communities, and more, check out this introduction to our research program.


An exploration of bio-engineered materials and sustainable design applicable throughout The Bahamas and beyond.

Fibropapillomatosis Disease in Green Sea Turtles

Fibropapillomatosis disease (FP) is a debilitating disease that afflicts sea turtles in the wild. In-water studies have monitored green sea turtles across the Bahamian archipelago since 1969, providing an opportunity to assess the spatial and temporal occurrence of FP. Here we describe the incidence and distribution of this disease across 15 islands in the Bahamian archipelago over the last 35 years and discuss potential drivers of this disease and look to the future.

Fish Aggregation Devices (FADS) as Conservation Tools

Fish aggregation devices (FADs) are a common fishing tool used in commercial and recreational fisheries all across the world. Understanding how they work, what species use them, and how to regulate their use in The Bahamas is an important aspect of fisheries management and conservation.

Subsistence Fisheries during the COVID-19 Pandemic

This project looks at how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the subsistence conch fishery near CEI and the role of subsistence fishing played in food security during the lockdown period.

Deploying Bio-Loggers on Juvenile Green Sea Turtles

Assessing the impacts of Deploying Bio-Loggers on Juvenile Green Sea Turtles Using a Combination of Animal Borne Cameras and Drones.