About Deep Creek Middle School

Engage in a One-of-a-Kind School Environment

Deep Creek Middle School (DCMS) at The Island School is an independent school for students in grades seven through nine located in South Eleuthera.

Opened in 2001, DCMS provides an educational experience that is markedly different from other schools on the island, bringing an alternative, experiential approach to the Bahamian curriculum. DCMS is fully endorsed and recognized by the Bahamian Ministry of Education.

Engaging Students Inside and Outside the Classroom

In a nurturing educational environment, DCMS delivers a vibrant academic program in math, science, social studies, English, health, religious studies, and art, based on the Bahamian National Curriculum. However, our hands-on, place-based approach to learning allows us to reach beyond the traditional classroom into the outdoor classroom of South Eleuthera.

Working closely within The Island School community including researchers from the Cape Eleuthera Institute, students study the environment, in the environment — such as exploring mangrove creeks, tracking sea turtles, collecting data on crab habitats, scuba diving among coral reefs, and more. These immersive experiences give students a firsthand understanding and intimate connection to the wonders of their environment, inspiring a growing sense of responsibility and a lifelong love of learning.


Preparing the Future Leaders of the Bahamas

Deep Creek Middle School is dedicated to providing an inspirational, innovative, and engaging learning environment that promotes academic growth and responsible citizenship. With a unique learning community that reaches from Deep Creek to The Island School campus on Cape Eleuthera and includes educators, scientists, engineers and a full range of young learners, we are preparing students to be reliable stewards of the environment and future leaders of The Bahamas.

Greetings From Deep Creek Middle School

At Deep Creek Middle School, our commitment to nurturing the future leaders of the Bahamas is unwavering. Through our experiential and inquiry-based model, alongside the dedicated efforts of our staff and the supportive Island School community, we shape minds and hearts. With a high academic standard and a cross-curricular approach, we empower students to reach their fullest potential. Our ethos, rooted in community-based sustainable practices, guides every endeavor. Together, we pave the way for a brighter, more conscientious tomorrow.

Chelle Marshall

Principal, Deep Creek Middle School

Our Parents as Partners

Open lines of communication between school and our families are essential for student success. Contact us to learn about how you can play an important role in your child’s success at DCMS.

The Island School Stories

My family and I chose Deep Creek Middle School for our son Gladstone and a year later for our daughter Gianni because the experiential approach toward education allowed our children to develop outside of the classroom with School Without Walls (SWW), and we shared the same expectations of kindness, responsibility, self-control, respect, honesty and perseverance. DCMS provides opportunities for our children to become leaders and to grow academically and socially. It pushed our kids to explore locally and internationally, engaging in class trips, summer camps and boarding schools. We have enjoyed DCMS and look forward to more great times! Gladstone has now moved on to settle into his new environment abroad and Gianni is an active and valuable member of our DCMS community!

Sanchia Davis-Meadows

DCMS Parent

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Meet Our Wonderful Teachers and Staff

DCMS teachers are talented, compassionate professionals who are committed in every way to their students’ success.


Deep Creek Middle School is located in the settlement of Deep Creek in South Eleuthera. Our sustainable campus provides a safe and inspiring learning environment for all our DCMS students.

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Interested in learning more or enrolling your child at Deep Creek Middle School? Detailed information about Tuition, Financial Assistance, and Admission can be found on our admission pages.