Our Campus: A Natural for Exploration

Starting with our main building, our campus fosters learning through exploration with a strong emphasis on the outdoors. Our school building is comprised of two large classrooms, a large covered outdoor patio with tables and learning space, and a sand playscape for free play and added space when we need to spread out.

However, we often extend our classroom to the outdoors and our extended campus, where we spend many hours exploring and learning. Students in our program benefit from experiential education in a place-based environment as we utilize the natural resources of South Eleuthera.

Exciting Explorations of Our Campus Environs

We are fortunate to be based on The Island School campus, allowing us to interact with scientists, educators, and industry experts on a daily basis. Students at the ELC can discover the innovative sustainable systems on campus such as solar power energy, work with scientists to create temporary homes for stingrays, and learn how to care for pigs and chickens at the farm.

The Blue Sea: An Amazing Campus Classroom

We spend a lot of our time exploring and using the shallow sloped beach on campus as our very own natural swimming pool. Students benefit from regular opportunities to improve their swimming ability and gain confidence in the water. They also learn to use a mask and snorkel so that they can explore the incredible ecosystems that lay beneath the surface. Occasionally we will venture further afield and jump aboard a boat or take a van to explore the nearby sandbars and creek systems around South Eleuthera.

The Adjacent Forest: Another Lab for Discovery

Afternoons occasionally include time at the adjacent forest, where students have the freedom to explore safely and independently.

Group activities and classes take place in the shade at the water’s edge. Younger students might have time for unstructured learning with the opportunity to partake in activities like shelter building, sketching, or environmental art. Older students enjoy the opportunity to incorporate their academic work into this natural setting, for example, measuring natural objects, reading and journaling, and using the natural environment as a stimulus for stories.

Learn more about our Island School campus and our sustainable campus facilities.