The Lab School

Enriching Education through Best Practices

The Island School recently launched The Lab School Initiative in partnership with The Bahamas Ministry of Education. The goal of The Lab School is to enrich the national standard of education throughout The Bahamas by implementing evidence-based best practices in curriculum design, instruction, and assessment within a place-based educational model.

The expectation is that the model is transferable and will be successful in other schools, and that it will set a precedent for additional schools to transition into place-based, experiential education utilizing high-impact strategies in alignment with the Bahamian national curriculum.

At The Lab School, we have prioritized students’ access to healthy food and established literacy interventions, as this is the greatest predictor of a child’s future academic success. We support students in choosing their own level-appropriate reading materials for one-on-one engaged reading time for literacy growth. Building on these fundamental priorities, we have incorporated opportunities for place-based environmental education.

The Island School Stories

The Island School partnership with Deep Creek Primary School is an ongoing and growing program. Its program seeks to develop students not only academically but socially as well. It fosters self-empowerment, gives students an opportunity to get in touch with their inner personalities and express themselves outside of a traditional classroom setting.

Sharon Smith-Carey

Former Deep Creek Primary School Teacher