Our Immersive, Experiential Curriculum

Through class discussions, authentic research, and experiential opportunities, students engage in academic class six days per week. Built into the week is time for reflection, extra-help, consultation, and additional study.

Semester Course Topics

Elements of Ecology

Uses scuba diving to explore the waters and near-shore ecosystems surrounding Cape Eleuthera. Students use weekly dives to develop ecological literacy in natural history as well as the curriculum requisite dive skills that support these excursions.

English Literature

Fosters a journey of self-discovery through exploring interpretations of the human experience in various texts, and cultivating their own voice through an intensive focus on writing development. Check out the bi-annual community literary magazine, Tides.

Environmental Art

Encourages students to develop a personal relationship with the landscape, provides them with the tools to become keen observers of their surroundings, and requires them to view the natural world both as the canvas and the material for their artwork.

Histories of The Bahama Islands

Focuses on the subjective experience of history by encouraging students to learn from Bahamians directly during immersion experiences including community explorations and community engagement.

Scientific Research

Allows students to apply concepts from multiple disciplines taught at The Island School to field-based projects of local and regional significance. Students work collaboratively with research advisors at the Cape Eleuthera Institute to address environmental challenges in The Bahamas.


Provides students with opportunities to build a fundamental understanding of statistical and mathematical analysis that can help them better comprehend the world around them. Each student will have a chance to employ acquired skills in their Applied Science Research course.

Semester and Summer Term students receive a detailed transcript from their program, and our credits transfer to both independent and public schools.