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Whether you first arrived at The Island School for a Semester or Summer, a Visiting Program, a Gap Year, or as a DCMS student, we hope you’ll find ways to stay connected and continue to find ways to realize our vision of leadership effecting change.

We often say that The Island School journey truly begins on the day a student leaves our organization. Your experiences here are the launch pad for future initiatives, projects, and opportunities to steward our environment, create lasting change, and model what it means to live well in a place.

Here you can read stories from the Cape and our alumni in their communities, connect with a college ambassador, or find an alumni event near you. Whether you want to give back, get involved, or just know what’s going on, this is where you should come.

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Join Us — Alumni Opportunities

As an alumnus/a of any Island School experience, we hope you will stay connected with our organization far beyond the day your program ends. While there are many ways you can continue your journey, if you wish to be more involved with the alumni network, we’d love to hear from you!

There are so many ways to stay involved from serving as an ambassador at an event or your college, speaking with a prospective family, supporting our fundraising efforts, or simply making a gift.

If you’re interested in becoming an Alumni Ambassador, volunteering or supporting our alumni programs, please email

Alumni Opportunities:

  • College Ambassadors
  • City Ambassadors
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Host an Admission Event
  • Attend an Alumni Event
  • Support a Fundraising Effort
  • Make a Gift

We are thrilled to have several alumni, who have stayed connected and contributed in various ways to the school over the years, now serving on our Board of Directors.

The Island School Stories

My experience at the Island School was instrumental in shaping the person I am today. By encouraging me to explore my curiosity of the world around me and setting an example of what it means to pioneer innovation, I have been able to create paths where none previously existed in my own life’s journey. It is an honor to serve on the Board of Directors and give back to an organization that has imbued me with such a passion for transformational leadership. And, I hope other alumni who feel strongly about the organization will continue to stay connected and seek ways to give back and be a leader in their community, living out The Island School mission in their own ways.

Dr. Téemar Carey

S02, Board of Directors

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Island School students, faculty, and staff are engaged in many exciting activities and initiatives. We’re also hosting events with networking opportunities, interesting speakers, documentaries, and more. Follow along with our Island School journeys, and relive yours, through our blog, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.

Deep Creek Middle School Alumni

As a graduate of Deep Creek Middle School, you join a network of over 2,500 alumni across all Island School programs. While your time at DCMS was spent preparing you to be future leaders of The Bahamas, we’re eager to support you in wherever your journey takes you.