A More Livable Future

Semester and Summer Term students have been learning about sustainable living and design since our founding in 1999, working alongside teachers, scientists, and engineers towards a more livable future.

During these years, The Island School has contributed to the sustainable movement not through theoretical abstraction but through practical application and experimentation. During this time, we have learned that sustainability involves much more than recycling waste streams or reducing energy consumption. The environmental component is important, to be sure, but it cannot stand alone. True sustainability begins with individual lifestyles and requires a commitment — and sacrifice — from every member of the community.

Sustainable Design

Our green campus allows all in our community to live what we teach and learn. Our buildings and grounds incorporate systems and design principles that minimize our ecological footprint through the conservation of collected resources like energy, water, and waste. Our campus living areas are built using materials that are Green Certified or natural to The Bahamas. We are constantly innovating to improve our sustainable systems on campus.

The Island School Stories

Our young leaders are solving real problems through authentic scientific research, generating new knowledge that helps us live more sustainably and shows the world what it looks like to live well in this place.

Dr. Nick Higgs

Director of Research and Innovation

In my small town, eco-friendly movements have not largely affected our lifestyles, nor are they discussed in detail. I came to The Island School to learn more about the ocean and how to be sustainable.

Amy Xu

Semester student