A New Model for Education

The innovative curriculum of Deep Creek Middle School meets all Bahamian Ministry of Education requirements. Students often progress beyond the existing requirements due to our small class sizes and hands-on approach to learning.

Content within the curriculum is taught through a place-based educational approach, in which the local environment and community are used as teaching tools. Outreach and service learning projects are integral to the approach, as are experiential learning activities within and beyond the school walls. Problem solving, critical thinking, and leadership skills are developed throughout.

Excellent to the Core

Deep Creek Middle School delivers a vibrant, broad-based academic core that engages students as active learners across a broad array of subjects and activities. Core academics at DCMS include math, English, science, social studies, health, arts, life skills, physical education, and religious knowledge.

Learn more about Deep Creek Middle School’s core academics.

Co-curricular Programs in Leadership and Citizenship

The co-curricular part of our academic program is unique to Deep Creek Middle School. These courses and programs — from community engagement; to experiential education; to life, study, and leadership skills — provide students opportunities to grow as leaders and citizens in a variety of place-based learning environments.

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Advisory: Providing Guidance, Building Relationships

Whether students are attending in-person or from home, we want them all to feel connected to DCMS and have a sense of belonging. Our advisory program is designed to provide students with a strong support system to help with their academic, social and emotional development. Each teacher advises a group of 9 students and meets with them twice weekly. These sessions are designed to help keep students on track. They are also multigrade so that older students can help to mentor younger students. Advisors are also contact persons for families when any issues arise.

The Island School Stories

Initially searching for a junior high school for our son who is an active, hands-on learner DCMS became my choice. Then, our daughter impatiently awaited her turn to attend. The experiential learning format through things like School Without Walls and frequent trips to The Island School to do things like dissect lionfish or tag turtles made their learning experiences unforgettable. Both graduated with Jr. SCUBA certifications. Our son went on to attend the Centre for Technology & Innovation for Hydroponics Farming, which he first developed an interest in at DCMS. And our daughter is currently at boarding school which is an option that DCMS assists students with who are interested.


DCMS parent