Our Campus Home

Deep Creek Middle School is located in the settlement of Deep Creek in South Eleuthera. The DCMS  campus is five miles from the primary Island School campus and research institute. DCMS students have the benefit of being in the local community where students can easily get to school, while also making frequent trips to The Island School campus down the road for extending learning opportunities.

The DCMS campus consists of two buildings with three classrooms and offices, where spaces are filled with books, art projects, writing samples, and more. There is also an outdoor gazebo, which often serves as an outdoor teaching or meeting space; a basketball court; and a community garden.

With a shared mission and focus on alternative education, staff at The Island School have worked with DCMS to help advance the campus and maintain our prestigious Eco-School Green Flag status. Overtime, the campus has been retrofitted to incorporate sustainable systems into our school, creating a more cost-efficient and sustainable building, and a daily model of environmental-responsibility for all our students.

As part of The Island School, DCMS students frequently travel five miles down Cape Eleuthera to utilize the resources and access of this shared location which includes water access via beach and boats, the research institute, farm, extended classroom space and much more.

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