Young Leadership Program

Mentoring Young Leaders for Success

The Young Leadership Program provides opportunities for mentorship, healthy engagement, and individual growth for promising young men and women in South Eleuthera. Low high school graduation and high unemployment rates signify the need for positive role models and increased opportunities for learning at this critical time in adolescent development.

Through this program, young men and women are supported to become leaders in their communities by building grit, determination, self-awareness, leadership, and conflict-resolution skills. Participants in the program receive mentorship twice a week to support their academics and engage in activities to build character development.

Core Values

The Young Leadership Program centers around the following core values:

Personal Revolve

Teaches self-awareness and pride and highlights strategies to improve learning and success

Academic Vitality

Not necessarily knowing all the answers, but instead having the ability to ask the right questions

Fearless Leadership

Highlights the bravery it takes to lead one’s peers in a positive direction

Global Awareness

Dissects larger systems and trends and allows space for young men to discuss big issues

Recent Program Highlights

  • Positive character traits workshop with opportunities to reflect on personal behaviors
  • Goal planning for educational engagement and achievement
  • CPR and AED certification completed by all
  • Social emotional learning utilizing hip-hop to express emotions
  • Discovering scuba diving
  • Mentorship focused on future career interests and emotional regulation
  • A decrease in behavioral disruptions during and outside of programming
  • Physical challenges including run-swims, bicycle riding, basketball games, and exercise drills
  • Increased group GPA average from 2.28 to 2.68
The Island School Stories

My experience with the Young Leadership Program has been very informative and educational. The YLP is an active group. We work on skills that relate to the world such as leader skills, work skills, grooming, and more. I like this group because we also interact a lot with our ecosystems and keep our environment clean.

Shicardo Knowles

Student participant

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