The Island School High School Semester Program

The Island School Semester is a single-semester 100-day Fall or Spring program designed for high school sophomores and juniors. Students from around the world join our community to learn in the beautiful natural environment of South Eleuthera, acquiring profound understandings of ecology, history, and culture through direct experience in the ecosystems and communities that surround us.

The Island School Stories

As you make new realizations about yourself and about our blue planet, you will gain a connection with the land of The Bahamas and the ocean that surrounds it.

Christina Wickman

Semester Director

Learn Outside the Walls of the Classroom

Teaching students about their environment, in their environment, is what The Island School is all about. All disciplines emphasize connection to place by making you an active participant in the learning process. As you study and practice the skills of primary research alongside our educators, scientists, engineers, and students, you’ll connect intimately with your environment, as you do real work to solve real-world problems.

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An Outside, and Outside the Box, Curriculum

While learning and researching outdoors, students study one topic through the lens of another. Our curriculum is interdisciplinary, meaning that there are no clear lines that divide or separate classes from one another. This cross-curricular model challenges students to think outside the box and practice using their newly obtained skill sets in real-life situations.

Semester students complete a course of study in seven classes, including Applied Mathematics, Applied Scientific Research, Histories of the Bahamas, Island School Seminar, Land and Environmental Art, Literature and Writing, and Marine Ecology. Students also participate in regular community engagement with our fellow schools and neighboring community members.

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Student Research Projects

Students contribute to professional research projects, gaining experience in research design and data analysis, and communicating their findings in written and oral form.

Learn more about some of our students’ exciting research below.

What is the South Eleutheran Perception of Climate Change?

Libby Cutler, Sami Goldman, Kali McDonnell, Becca Moll, Tyler Reid, Emma Serralles, Aaniyah Thomas-Odom

Advisors: Marjahn Finlayson, Brian Baker, Zoë Brown

Nuggets of Hope:
Using Coral Microfragments to Determine Best
Practice Reef-Rebuilding Techniques

Katelyn Cambridge, Sophie Cappello, Jack Kenney, Henry Kuck, Haya Firas, Austin Anderson Advisors: Valeria Pizarro, Lily Haines

Interns: Hannah Lochan, Eliza Thomas

Food Security: Being Vocal About Eating Local 

Zach Alin-Hvidsten, Jane Goodrich, Cam Guttell, Alex Halaby, Max Mallett, Mishara Nozea

Advisors: Katlin Tilly, Grainne Burrows 

Effects of Climate Change on the Black Land Crab (Gecarcinus ruricola)

Trey Chometa, McKenna Dixon, Ayodeji Fayemi, Molly Fredrickson, Nixie Herlick, Benjamin LaRhette, Finley Peck

Advisors: William F. Bigelow, Sammy Dill, Cameron Raguse 

Caribbean Spiny Lobster: Confronting the Challenges of Developing a Sustainable Aquaculture Industry in The Bahamas

Allie Keefe, Brennan McVey, Lars Matson, Lily Goren, Mica McGinley-Smith, Ramsey Huggins, Viive Godtfredsen, Zach Atlas

Advisors: Katlin TiMichael Bowleg Jr., Gustav Wellin, Dr. Nick Higgs 

Junk Food: The Role of Discards from the Spiny Lobster Fishery in Sustaining Marine Scavengers

Stacy Pinder Jr., Owen DiNicola, Devon Tyrie, Fuller Clement, Lucy Pike, Grey Jones, Tyler Walker

Advisors: Nick Higgs, Alex Smith

Cetacean Diversity and Distribution in the Exuma Sound

Heather Brockbank, Jack Dolan, Emma Holloway, Kate Kechriotis, Hallie Komessar, Ava McCormick, Charles Silver

Advisors: Eric Schneider, Natalie Hodges, Taylor Derico

Structure in the Pelagic Ecosystem

Asher Brownstein, Riley Cannady, Tess Frazer, Antonia Gomez, Samuel Gryska, Kiele Mader, Charlie Mottur, Audrey Wallner

Advisors: Eric Schneider, Anita Wray, Natasha Hinojosa

Coastal Landscaping: Building Resilience Using Native Plants and Permaculture

Jonas Kra-Caskey, David Shaw, Jem King, Field Ogilvy, Skye Karsh, Addie Zucker, Sophonie Blaise

Advisors: Bronwyn Esterhuizen, Dorlan Curtis

Assessing Juvenile Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) Relative Abundance and Growth Rates in South Eleuthera, Bahamas

Caroline Madaio, Eliza Shields, Ivan Tripp, Martha Schuessler, Faye Burke, Mimi Goodwin

Advisors: Liberty Boyd, Erin Parker

Translocating Long-spined Sea Urchins to Reduce Macroalgae on Coral Reefs

Abby Rolle, Juliet Morse, Keeley Brooks, Nico Simons, Norah Van Vranken

Advisors: Casey Harris, Kennedy Wall