Deep Creek Middle School FAQs

What is the admission process? How much is the school fee? Is financial aid available? We are here to answer all of your questions. Review our Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact our Admissions team directly at admissions@islandschool.org.

The Island School is a non-profit that runs a variety of programs that link education, research, and innovation. DCMS was founded in 2001 by The Island School in order to bring their style of place-based education and learning to the community of South Eleuthera and provide a strong middle-school option for the local community, rather than young students needing to commute to Rock Sound. Though the primary DCMS campus is located in Deep Creek, students at the middle school frequently travel to The Island School for programming with other parts of the organization, waterfront access, and place-based activities utilizing the marine and coastal resources.

Yes. The Ministry of Education has approved the curriculum at DCMS and recognizes that students will cover all of the necessary skills and content to take the Bahamas Junior Certificate (BJC) exams.

Follow instructions on the admission page of our website. The application to DCMS includes student information, student essays, a parent? guardian statement, and recommendations. All families participate in a family interview with the principal and are encouraged to attend the DCMS admission day to meet students and teachers and participate in a preliminary academic assessment.

In addition, all newly accepted students must attend an orientation held in August prior to the start of school.

The annual tuition for DCMS is $2,500. Additional financial assistance is available based on demonstrated need and conversation with our Admission Committee. Tuition at Deep Creek Middle School is subsidized by The Island School in partnership with the Cape Eleuthera Foundation, covering over 75% of the actual per-student cost.

DCMS is committed to working with families so that all accepted students are able to attend school. The family portion of DCMS tuition already reflects a substantial scholarship and families are asked to contribute according to their ability to pay. Additional financial assistance is available on a need-basis and families are encouraged to begin this conversation during their initial family interview.

DCMS is an intentionally small school. Our current student-teacher ratio is 9:1.

Students arrive at school in a variety of ways. Some students walk to school or are dropped off. Many students who live further down the island take the school bus, which picks up and drops off students in Rock Sound. There is a fee associated with riding the bus.

DCMS is able to meet the needs of students with mild learning challenges. Support is available for students with mild delays in reading and math including lessons 2-3 times per week. We are not able to accommodate students with more significant delays at this time.