by Apon students: Brandon, Garneisha, Ashlie, Sasha, George, and Perry.
Adventurers of sustainable fish farming

Quest to understand why tilapia have a musty flavor

Understand how to rid tilapia of this flavor

Amazed by results

Pondering how to make tilapia taste better than wild tilapia

Opened our mind to aquaponics

Necessary to sustain our current population




This semester in Aquaponics our research team investigated the impact of finishing our tiliapia in different conditions before harvest. We purged our tilapia, which is when they go without food in order to rid them of funky tasting fat deposits, for two weeks while also finishing them in different salinities. We thought, because people tend to prefer salt water fish, that fish finished in saltier water would improve the overall flavor of fish. Tilapia often has a muddy or musty flavor. Since over fishing is a problem in South Eleuthera it is much more beneficial to eat farmed fish that actually taste better. We are excited for our parents to understand more about the aquaponics research in a few weeks!

AQUAPONICS: Conquering the funky taste of tilapia is our goal.