After an hour and a half of extensive reading and analyzing of the many Flats scientific papers; our focus was diminishing rapidly.  Aaron decided to let us emerge from the fourth vault and expose ourselves to the Pufferfish. It started out as a break from our weekly routine, but we quickly found out that Alexis would send us on an adventure to visit our friends: Dusty, Lucky, and Ned (the fish tanks).  We would soon be familiarized with the creatures submerged below the surface.  They swam all about at first, but the Puffers soon realized that we would do them no harm and calmed down.  The smell of the salty water greeted us along with the hiss of air stones as we took the tank conditions for the day (dissolved oxygen, salinity, temperature, ammonia, and pH).  The Puffers darted about as we used the course brushes to scrub off the algae and siphon the bottom of the tanks.  Our enthusiasm grew as the team came together to chop six sardines with scissors.   As we fed the Pufferfish, the chopped remains floated to the bottom and we all watch the cute puffers nibbled on their diner.