Sixth grade students listen to a presentation on lionfish.Tiffany Gray, the Lead Outdoor Educator at CEI and Franchesca Bethell, a lionfish intern at CEI and a former BESS Island School alumni, recently had the opportunity to teach the awesome sixth grade class at Wemyss Bight Primary School about lionfish awareness. The students first followed along with the lionfish presentation which gave them insight into the invasive species in the western region of the world. They listened attentively and weren’t afraid to ask LOTS of questions during the presentation!

Franchesca leads students in a lionfish dissection.

After the talk the students gathered around to watch a live lionfish dissection. The students were very excited; there were a ton of oohs and ahhs as different parts of the fish were identified. After the lesson and dissection, students and teachers had the opportunity to taste fried lionfish bites to show how delicious this white meat fish really is. Everyone enjoyed the sample lionfish and some of the students even said that it was the best fish they had ever tasted. Almost everyone wanted more, not for themselves but to take home for their family to try. They day was a great success!