381Kylie grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She received in a Bachelor’s of Arts in French Language Studies and a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. More recently, she earned a Master’s of Science degree in Marine Science from the University of New England in Maine. Her research examined how river plume dynamics influence larval transport and more specifically the distribution of crab and mussel larvae. Beyond educational institutions, Kylie has gained experience working for State agencies such as the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, interning at aquariums, and teaching science and math in K-12 public schools and college-level courses in the Caribbean.  In the future, she hopes to pursue a career in marine resource management and is particularly interested in science communication, K-12 education and outreach, and conducting applicable research.Measuring and tagging a lemon shark.

For the fall semester, she is interning for the Flat Ecology and Conservation program at CEI and co-advising for the Island School Applied Scientific Research course. As an intern, Kylie will be conducting shuttle box experiments to examine how temperature increase relating to climate change will affect fish behavior. This study will also examine whether behavior changes in the presence of a predator. In conjunction, Kylie will be assisting with other ongoing research projects such as bonefish tagging for the Bonefish Tarpon Trust and Rapid Ecological Assessment surveys in creek systems throughout southern Eleuthera. As a co-advisor, Kylie is looking forward to engaging with high school students on a weekly basis, introducing them to flat ecology concepts, and involving them in ongoing scientific research.