Greetings from the Energy Research team! In the past few weeks we have been learning background information on the renewable energy systems on our campus and ways to conserve energy. We have formulated the research question we will focus on for the semester: How can The Island School increase efficiency and become carbon-balanced in a way that serves as a model for larger communities? We are interested in surveying which of our renewable energy production systems are most effective for our campus and which make the most sense to explore in the future. We are also interested in seeing where we use the most energy and how we can reduce the amount energy we use.
We would like to informally involve Island School families in our research by asking how much energy our families consume at home and compare this data with the amount of energy we use here at The Island School. We would greatly appreciate if families would respond by posting their February energy bill’s total kWh consumed. Thank you and don’t forget to turn the lights off!

~The Energy Team: Hannah, Emma, Julia, Wilson, Kitch, Helen P., Graham, and Karl