Some of you may hear about the timed run-swim we did yesterday and Monday when your son or daughter next phones home.  Given the limited amount of time you have for the phone call, you may be left wondering what the heck a run-swim is.  A run-swim is the quintessential IS exercise because it combines the two primary activities of our morning exercise training–running and swimming– and because it is a challenging workout fraught with obstacles.  Effectively, we just start going as fast as we can in one direction, doing anything it takes to keep moving.  So if there is land, we duck and weave around trees, branches, and rocks; if we hit the sea, we swim; if we come upon a wall, we clamber over it; and if there is a cliff, we hold our breath and launch ourselves into the water below.


This week’s timed run-swim is the first in a series of run-swims that will allow us to track our physical progress throughout the semester.  So far we are looking like an already strong community, but I bet we’ll all find a way to shave some time off by semester’s end.  I hope the pictures and video give you a better sense of the exciting exercise!

Want to see who won?  Click here to watch the final video!