by: Team Acult Research: Lea Luniewicz, Nate Smith-Ide, Gian Paul Graziosi, Catharine Pirie and Augi Cummings

Yet another gripping scuba dive, but this time it took us into uncharted waters. This place was straight out of a dream, a reef full of undefined beauty, elegant in its voluptuous ways. As we sunk into the deep mystic realm full of our petite gobies, our eyes were drowning in magnificence. Immediately, the hunt was on. As we applied our war paint, preparing for battle, we spotted a little bugga amongst us. With a blind eye, he reached down and captured the beast its self. This brave warrior was named Augie. Gian Paul, his companion in crime, swam near, and found his own arduous battle. Their sidekicks, Lea, Cathy, and Nate were also successful in the goby hunt. They all arrived at the surface with a whopping FIVE GOBIES. Leaving Poseidon’s Chamber, smiles filled the damp boat. Gleaming with joy we debriefed as proud soldiers, just another day on the job. Now with 13 gobies in the wetlab we expect them to begin pairing soon.

With love, Acult Team Goby Force.