Island School Alumni Set Record Participation Levels in 2010 CONCHtribution Campaign

Island School alumni raise $102,855 as part of annual CONCHtribution Campaign; Spring 2007 class wins competition with 76% participation

The Island School is proud to announce that Island School alumni set a new record of 31% participation in the 2010 CONCHtribution Campaign. The 24 alumni classes collectively raised $102,855 for the Cape Eleuthera Foundation’s Annual Fund, an unrestricted fund that supports education and research programs. The Spring 2007 class led the pack, with 76% of it’s 47 students contributing. Spring 2001 and Fall 2004 trailed close behind with 62% and 46% participation.

The CONCHtribution Campaign, which ran from November 1st through December 31st, 2010, pinned classes against each other to compete for the highest participation rate. The success of the campaign can be attributed to outstanding overall participation, which doubled from last year.

“When we began planning for this year’s campaign, I knew we could go big” said Chris Maxey, director of the Cape Eleuthera Foundation. “But I have been overwhelmed with the response from the Spring 1999 class all the way through Summer 2010. Our alumni, old and young, recognize the importance of the good work we do; they realize the positive impact they can continue to have on this good work.”

Two major initiatives helped motivate classes to go further with their participation this year than ever before. The first initiative offered donors from classes who received 60% participation free Island School t-shirts featuring the new alumni logo. The second initiative, spearheaded by brothers John (F99) and Chuck (F01) Head, offered a $1,000 boost to any class who’s participation reached 60% and an extra $5,000 to any class that reached 75%.

Other leading CONCHtribution donors included Francesca Forrestal (F99), Peter Meijer (S05), Ryan Devos (S08), Sydney Devos (S06), Meg Bunn (F01), and Molly Carter (S03).

The Annual Fund supports a wide variety of programs, including scholarships, equipment and materials, faculty professional development, and research programs with unrestricted donations.