This has been a crazy winter in the US with (too much) snow and freezing temperatures.  Unfortunately these storms forced us to cancel our Connecticut reception and reschedule our Lawrenceville reception.  Lawrenceville’s reception has been rescheduled for this Thursday (February 3rd).

A big shout out to everyone in Grand Rapids that trudged through the snow to make it out to the Cusack’s house last night for the reception there.  You Michiganders know how to handle snow!  Thank you especially to all our alumni that came out to share their stories.

Punxatawny Phil proclaimed this morning that we’ll have an early spring this year.  But today on Cape Eleuthera, the weather is calling for mostly sunny and 85 degrees….. so if you want to escape the winter, join us for Deep Creek Middle School’s 10-Year anniversary February 17-20th!