Hannah Druckenmiller (F07) is back on Eleuthera, this time as an intern at CEI. She joins the aquaculture team this summer in between semesters at The Leland Stanford Junior University, where she is a rising sophomore. There she studies earthsystems, which is an interdisciplinary major encompassing environmental science, economics and politics. Following her semester at The Island School, Hannah knew she wanted to return, and decided on an aquaculture internship after hearing a lecture on the subject.
This is not her first trip back since she was a student, as she was on island for the 10-year reunion. The difference this time is that she’s getting her hands dirty. She’s also gotten close to some sharks since she’s been back, including watching a lemon shark rip a carcass off of a bait cage and spotting a hammerhead.

Her work here gives her a new appreciation for the Cape, and she’s enjoying being down here with the freedom to explore more than she could as a student. In the work she does, she’s also been given quite a bit of freedom to figure things out independently, “I didn’t know the first thing about oxygen generation equipment, but now I’m making recommendations on which systems to buy,” remarked Hannah.

When Hannah leaves in August, she’ll be headed back to California. She is looking forward to a 3-week camping trip to learn about the natural history of Monterey, before going back to class.