Carter Houston Brown returned to Cape Eleuthera this summer to work as an intern in CEI’s flats program after graduating high school. He attended The Island School in Spring of 2009 and came back because he “really fell in love with this place.” Originally from Bryn Mawr, PA, Carter will be attending Hobart-William Smith College in Geneva, NY where he hopes to study environmental sciences this fall.
As a student at The Island School Carter’s research was archaeology , so this time back he was eager to do anything in the water, and the flats program sees that he gets his wish. Working alongside Justin and Luke, he spends much of his day walking the creeks catching and tagging bonefish. Although the days are long he doesn’t seem to mind the work, as long as it’s in the field. “Cubicles are scary” says Carter, adding “the idea of a desk job is just not appealing to me.”

This time around Carter has enjoyed seeing the other side of campus—the research side. He’s also impressed with the amount of building that has gone on here in the short time he’s been away from campus, with additions like the bike shed, the resource area, and the new construction at Hallig Hall.

Carter encourages alumni and friends and anyone else reading to do two things: jump at an opportunity to come back to the Cape, and SEND MAIL! Apparently mail can really make interns’ days, so if you’ve got something to say to Carter or any of the interns or alumni down here, why not write it down and put it in the mailbox.

Carter can be reached at:

℅ Twin Air Calypso
750 SW 34th St
Suite 111B
Ft. Lauderdale, FL