On September 24, The Cape Eleuthera Foundation will be participating in‘s Moving Planet Day event to think of ways we can move beyond fossil fuels. 350ppm is the safe limit of carbon in our atmosphere, and we’re currently at 394 (and rising!). We want to make sure our IS students, as well as the greater community of IS parents, alumni, and CEF supporters know this number and can teach others about it and how daily actions can contribute to or reduce greenhouse gases.

Since we’re already primarily human-powered or driven by renewable energy here at The Island School, we can take it a step further and look at local solutions to carbon sequestration (reducing that 394 number). Therefore, we have chosen to have a teach-in on September 24 where students, IS faculty, and CEI researchers will discuss this number and its significance and then actually DO something about it by planting 350 propagules (baby mangroves) on campus in the wetland that connects The Island School and CEI campuses.

We also plan on making t-shirts and need a SIMPLE but INTERESTING logo design.  We are opening up this design contest to the community beyond the Cape, so we would love any and all designs you are able to come up with!

The criteria:
– The drawing must be in BLACK ink on a WHITE piece of paper
– It must incorporate as well as mangroves

Please email all t-shirt designs to BY TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20!  Good luck!

That’s what WE are doing to move beyond fossil fuels–what are YOU doing?  Let us know at and we’ll feature you on our Facebook, Blog, and Twitter pages!  We hope to hear from all of you!