Over 50% of the aluminum cans in the world are recycled but the statistics are much lower in The Bahamas. Cans for Kids has realized that the country has come to a point where they must address the garbage problem. Lack of landfill space and a growing awareness of that fact that Bahamians need to move away from that practice has brought the importance of recycling to the forefront. CFK realizes that it’s more and more necessary for Bahamians to conserve raw materials and energy, too!
Cans for Kids is a non-profit organization founded in 1998 by Ginny McKinney to recycle aluminum cans in The Bahamas. The net proceeds are used to help finance children’s programs in The Bahamas. The Island School has been donating their cans to the organization since the fall of 2009. At the end of this most recent quarter, The Island School was among the top 5 earners, recycling 375 pounds of aluminum cans. We hope to continue this level of participation in the future!