Island School alumnus and Alumni Advisory Board member, Horatio Smith (F02) has returned to The Island School on a number of occasions. Currently, Horatio is providing professional development to the kitchen team to celebrate it as a classroom where students can become more involved with healthy menu choices. Horatio owns Nelly’s Deli, a restaurant and catering business in Nassau and has been helping the kitchen become a place of learning for Island School students and visiting Educational Programs by stressing the importance of using local foods in The Bahamas. In addition, the kitchen has recently begun to cater more and more special events and Horatio is coaching the kitchen team to take these events to the next level by inventing new and creative dishes and menus. Horatio says “The school has done so much for me. And that fact that I even have an opportunity to share my passion speaks volumes to the commitment the school has to its alumni. The passion that I have for life and Culinary Arts is largely part to the experiences of cooking in the kitchen with Mooch and Becca and caramelizing nuts over a camp fire on my 8 day kayak trip. Being able to give back in this way ensures that the veal lives on.”
Thank you, Horatio, for your hard work and dedication to The Island School and especially to the kitchen and its staff!