Earlier this week, a number of urban school leaders visited The Island School to get to know our campus, as well as brainstorm ways to provide this type of transformative experience for their students. Brad Zervas, current Executive Director of Boys Hope Girls Hope (BHGH), and past Executive Director of Boys’ Club of NYC, Malick Fall, Principal at BHGH, and David Banks, Founder and Director of Eagle Academy, who has started 5 public schools for boys in and around NYC and most recently in Newark, NJ, were all in attendance.

These leaders are focused on the critical challenge facing young men around the planet, many of whom are growing up without fathers. In collaboration with the International Boys’ Schools Coalition, The Island School is working to help develop a summer leadership expedition to bring young men from schools around the globe. Zervas recognized years ago that Island School place and philosophy helps forge leaders through authentic physical and emotional challenges. Mallik and David took the initiating plunge off High Rock and after their visit are strong believers that the Cape is a good place to launch this new initiative.