As orientation week came to a close, we enjoyed a much needed day off to celebrate our accomplishments of the week! It was a quiet day on campus as most of us were out exploring the breath taking island of Eleuthera. Days off at the Island School hold endless adventures. One of the highlights was an all student soccer game. What started out as a friendly, casual game of soccer quickly turned into a heated match of shirts verses skins, with skins taking home the gold. In addition to soccer, many students chose to explore the vast hidden caves found over by High Rock. Those who were mentally preparing for the next few weeks to come chose to relax and get some sun on sunset beach.

The sun may have set, but the day only got brighter from there as the community came back together for dinner where everyone shared their adventurous tales of the day. To conclude the night, we all got together to play a rousing game of tiger uppercut where the students challenge each other to a scream off. The lone survivor was the tiger uppercut master, Margo. Needless to say, nothing brings a community of tired students together like shouting in each other’s faces for as long as your lungs can hold out. Realizing how fast week one has past makes us want to make good use of our limited time here. -Meredith and Owen

Students end the day with a friendly shouting competition.