Yesterday we woke up to a special occasion, swim class and campus sprints! As the days go by and we continue to get stronger, the morning work-outs continue to get harder in preparation for the monster run-swim. After a tiring work out we all went to chores, and then to breakfast. The dining hall was filled with talk of the departure of sixteen students about to embark on their much anticipated solo experience. Once the students left to be alone for twenty-four hours the campus became much more quiet.
The students of marine ecology and food systems remained on campus to attend their last class of the first academic week, although we were sad to already have finished our first rotation we are extremely excited for the next two weeks to come.

To finish off the day, we used up all of our energy in extreme excitement for a late night. The evening activity? A bonfire and wading for bio-luminescents! The night began at eight thirty when the students gathered around the flagpole to head to boys dorm beach. Loth and Abraham first showed all of us who sat around the fire how to make a fire, and then the scary stories started. After a quick game of “tiger uppercut” in the water, we all headed in out of exhaustion. As always, the late night was a wonderful bonding experience and a great way to end the long day.


Your caciques from the day,

Neely and Kaven