After almost a week long without everyone at the Island School, the Flying Gurnards group was finally able to join the rest of the school and enjoy the much needed day-off. The group had just returned from their 24-hour solo in which they were spread out along the beach and had no interaction with other humans for an entire day. I spent my day reflecting on my down island experience as well as singing, building sandcastles, attempting to make a shelter, and napping in the soft sand. It was an amazing experience until the skies opened up and everyone got drenched. Although people woke up with soggy sleeping bags, after the solo experience we all shared a laugh as stories were exchanged about everyones adventures and activities during the 24 hours.
The second day-off of the summer term proved to be a great day to get out and explore. Groups of students could have been found all over the cape seeing what this place has to offer. The activities included, cave exploration at High Rock, free diving at the Saddle, soccer games at boys dorm beach and much more. A group headed out to find the fabled Banyan Tree and discovered it deep in the inner-loop. After a morning shower, people went swimming and relaxed on the beach. The day was enjoyable as it was nice to catch up with the people who had been gone all week and hear stories of solos and the trip.


With only 14 days left of the summer term, students are looking to accomplish all they can in the closing two weeks. Tomorrow brings the start of a new rotation of classes and even more experiences are yet to come.


Your latest caciques,

Serene and Alden