We held our third annual Have One One Us Night for alumni last night in three cities across the U.S.: Boston, Denver, and New York City. It was a great opportunity for our alumni to reconnect with friends and also meet other Island School alumni from different semesters. Thank you to all who came out, especially our hosts, Kate Gibson Carey (F’04) in NYC and Drew Fink (F’05) and Nick Del Vecchio (F’02) in Denver!

Denver Have One On Us: Nick Del Vecchio (F'02), Eric Verdier (S'09), Natalie Triedman (S'07), Steph Solomont (S'07), Drew Fink (F'05), Louise Shiverick (F'10), Colton Coughlin (F'05)

NYC Group! Back: Kit Norris (S'08), Carina Fish (F'07), Henry Towbin (F'07), Chris Kachadoorian (F'08),  John DiLoreto (F'08), Patrick DiLoreto (F'04), Mary Assini (S'00); front: Halle Biggar (S'08), Sarah Kistner (S'09), Morgan Tarrant (S'07)