Hello everyone!!
After our early morning exercise (a psycho), we began our first day of classes; split up into three groups: Marine Ecology, Sustainable Systems and Tourism and Development. I (Hunter) was in Sustainable Systems. Our day consisted of harvesting and filleting tilapia and picking basil over at Cape Eleuthera Institute (CEI). My experience with filleting fish allowed me to help my fellow dorm-mate, Pablo, effectively harvest as much meat as possible off of the fish. It was a new experience for most students but we all enjoyed learning what CEI has to offer. The new groups are filled with excitement and everyone is happy to dive into learning about the systems we have on campus.

I (Eleonor) dove into Marine Ecology. We started the day off at the floating gazebo observing different aspects of the mangrove ecosystem. From Bone fish, to puffer fish we saw a huge variety of marine life. We began piecing together how everything in the mangroves functions on a daily basis. We continued class that afternoon 40 feet underwater, scuba diving at Tunnel Rock. Paired up in buddies we observed a designated patch of coral to try and understand what parts different species play in the coral ecosystem.

The Tourism and Development group have been researching deep sea creatures and sting rays. Every day they come back from their expeditions with crazy stories ranging from pulling up traps for almost two hours to catching seven sting rays. Tomorrow they will depart on their Down Island Trip. We wish them luck as they set off to explore the rest of the Island.

The change in schedule has proven to be challenging yet exciting. We are all looking forward to what is to come in the next few days.

Your Caciques of the day,

Eleonor Bauwens and Hunter Salmon


Eleonor and friends hanging out at a beach bonfire Students in the Sustainable Systems class learning how to fillet fish Hunter helping Olivia fillet her fish