Howdy everyone,
Wyatt playing with a new friend Scarlet lighting up the night As we near parents weekend, life at The Island School continues to be jam-packed. This morning, students ran for 40 minutes as they prepared for the monster run swim- only four days away! Students gave it their all, and everyone finished the run with cheers as they slapped the flag pole. The students have been hard at work, whether it means working on the farm to make compost, going on scuba dives to observe ecosystems or conducting interviews at Spanish Wells.

The final Sustainable System class enjoyed a short film on Cuba’s path to recovery after losing its energy sources in the 1990’s. After gaining some insightful knowledge from the documentary, the class walked over to the Floating Gazebo to discuss what would happen if the United States faced a similar energy-loss crisis. The discussion was both intriguing and thought provoking, allowing the students to tap into ideas they never thought they’d have. Afterwards, the class visited the school farm and even fed the pigs with one of the Dining Hall buckets! While munching on delicious coco-plums and tamarinds, the students and teachers began another amazing conversation about compost and its importance, both on campus and to the world.

The Marine Ecology class spent the morning in class. Students laughed as they pretended to be their assigned fish and went “speed dating” to meet other fish and marine life. They spent the rest of the morning learning about invertebrates. After lunch, they put their newfound knowledge to the test underwater. As they approached the diving site [Tunnel Rock], the excitement rose. Stepping into the ocean, diving pairs and trios began studying their respective coral reefs. Students examined their reef for information about invertebrates and the impact these creatures have in their habitat. The diversity of the reefs showed the students the importance of a balanced ecosystem.

As the last days of The Island School approach, students are filled with a bittersweet feeling of leaving their second home. With tomorrow being the last day of academics, students are cherishing what little time they have left. They wait anxiously for the return of their Tourism and Development classmates and teachers to return, making our campus full again. Additionally, everyone on campus cannot wait to see the parents! Emotions are running high as the summer term days come to an end.

See you all soon!

Your caciques,

Christine and Grace Halvey