Have you ever been to a place where you have 28 sisters? At home, I am the eldest child and I have a younger brother who is five years younger than me. I had gone to camp for 6 years and had lived in a cabin with 8 other girls, but I have never truly experienced dorm life quite like Island School girls’ dorm. All of the girls in both North and South dorm have a bond that is incomparable to any other friendship or sisterhood. We eat together, work together, dive together, sleep together, and have so much fun. There is no feeling quite like waking up next to your best friend for 100 days. In these past 3 months, the memories that have been made in the girls’ dorm are ones that I will never forget. Whether it is laughing so hard that someone pees or crying because of stress, we are always there for each other and have created the best support system there is. I love you Girl’s Dorm and I will never forget the time we spent together in our 100 days.