Every week at The Island School we get around 5 hours of exploration time to explore the area around the school. While many students just go to the marina store and buy sugary snacks there are loads of other activities and things that you must do during your time here. Below are some of the top 10 activities to do during the free time you are given.

  1. Get lost in the inner loop
  2. Explore the old clubhouse
  3. Check out the golf cart graveyard
  4. Find the banyan tree
  5. Snorkel in the High Rock caves
  6. Snorkel on fourth hole beach
  7. Find the water towers
  8. Find the abandoned pool and hot tub
  9. See the sharks in the marina
  10. Check out No Name Harbor

You only have 100 days here and you get very little exploration time every week so it is essential to spend every minute of your exploration time effectively. You can spend your time eating sweet food when you get home and you are only at The Island School for one semester. Make every second count and take advantage of all the opportunities during exploration time so you know you made the most of your 100 days at The Island School.