25-Year FAQs

25-Year Celebration FAQs

Event Dates & General Details

When does the 25-Year Celebration take place?

  • Programming will be on December 13th and December 14th, 2024. It takes nearly a full day of travel to get to Eleuthera. We encourage you to travel on dates outside of program dates. Details on booking travel and accommodations can be found below.
  • A recommended stay would be 3 nights, December 12th – December 15th, 2024.

Who can attend the 25-Year?

  • We are excited to welcome alumni, past employees, community members, friends, and family of all of The Island School’s programs to attend. 

What is the purpose of this homecoming celebration?

  • To celebrate 25 years of the island school, offer community members an opportunity to reconnect with Eleuthera, see how campus has evolved, get back to our roots, and jump into a full schedule of activities and programming.

What is the weather on Eleuthera generally like in December? What is the water temperature? Are there bugs?

  • December is the best time to visit Eleuthera! The Island sees average temperatures of 72-78 degrees. Water temperatures can feel slightly cooler early in the morning, but typically ranges from 74-76 degrees. Though bugs are less intense in the winter months, come prepared with long clothing and bug protection.

Will the School Store be open? Can I purchase items online? Will 25-year merchandise be available?

  • The school store will be open. You can plan to purchase items through our online store or in person. We are offering a wide selection of 25-year merchandise for all to enjoy.

Is there anything I should include when I post on social media?

  • Be sure to use our hashtag: #IS25

Will Island School faculty and staff will be there?

  • The majority of current faculty and staff at The Island School and Cape Eleuthera Institute, as well as our team at the Cape Eleuthera Foundation, will be present supporting the event. We also hope to welcome past faculty and staff back for the event.

Will there be a formal event? What is the dress code for dinners/events?

  • Friday evening will be our only “formal” event. This is a cocktail reception and attire is island casual. All other events will call for casual and active clothing, but keep in mind we are a school and ask all visitors to ensure they’re in respectful attire.

Travel, Accommodations, and Rental Cars

How do I book accommodations for the homecoming celebration?

  • To book accommodations, either on-campus or off-campus, please visit our Accommodations Resource Guide. On-campus accommodations can be booked directly through registration. 

How should I go about booking my flights?

  • For all travel information, please visit our Flights Resource Guide. We are offering a charter flight that can be reserved through our registration page on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Is there a baggage limit for the charter flight or staying in the dorms?

  • The charter flight permits each passenger to have 1 checked bag (44lbs), a carry-on, and personal item. Keep in mind that campus accommodations have limited storage space, so guests should have no more than one checked bag.

Are there dressers and storage for personal items in the campus accommodations?

  • All campus accommodations offer shared dressers and storage for personal belongings. We recommend keeping valuables stored away or with you.

Will campus accommodations have bed sheets and pillows?

  • All attendees staying on campus will need to bring their own set of twin-sized sheets. Pillows will be provided.

I would like to stay in the Island School dorms but want to stay with my friends from my semester. How can I be sure that happens?

  • There are on-campus spaces, such as Grad Hall, that offer full-room bookings suitable for a group. Alternatively, we recommend coordinating with your group ahead of time to book the same dorm spaces (for example – all booking individual beds in Treehouse or CEI dorms).

Will dorms be separated by gender?

  • All of our share-space accommodations will be gender-specific.

Other than campus housing, what accommodations are available?

How do I get to campus if I’m flying into North Eleuthera or Governor’s Harbour?

  • If you’re planning to fly into North Eleuthera or Governor’s Harbour, you will need to secure a rental car for the trip. Please see our Car Rental Resources to learn more. Shuttles from Rock Sound to Campus will only be provided to those that booked the charter flight.  

How do I book a rental car for the trip?

Registration and Refund Policy

When does registration close?

  • Registration for the 25-Year Homecoming Celebration will close October 18, 2024.

Is there a registration capacity?

  • Yes. Registration has a 300-person capacity.

Can I register for my family and friends?

  • You can! During the registration process, you have the option to register for multiple people.

What is your refund policy if I can no longer attend after booking?

  • Full refunds are available for any registration-associated costs (general ticket and campus accommodations) up to 45 days prior to registration closing on October 18, 2024. Once registration has closed there are no refunds available.

Is there a list of registrants?

  • During registration, you will have access to the names of other registrants who have opted to keep their names public.

Is there a cost associated with attending?

  • There is a general ticket fee of $150 which provides access to all (6) meals on campus as well as all Island School programming and activities available throughout the weekend.
  • Admission is free for visitors that are 12 and under
  • There are tickets available for local residents for $25. 
  • Attendees are responsible for covering the cost of their flights and accommodations. 
  • Please note that the Deep Creek Homecoming is a community-sponsored event with free entry, however, guests pay cash to purchase food and drinks.

Are there scholarship opportunities available to attend the 25-Year Homecoming Celebration?

  • Yes, there are scholarships available! If you require financial assistance to attend the weekend, please email events@islandschool.org and we will be able to assist you.

Schedule and Campus Information

Where can I find the campus schedule?

Will there be morning exercise “AMX”?

  • Absolutely! We have AMX available Friday and Saturday morning.

Will meals be available for those staying on campus? At what cost?

  • There are meals offered to all visitors joining for the 25-Year Homecoming Celebration, whether you’re staying on or off campus. These 6 meals are included in the purchase of your general admission ticket.

Can you accommodate allergies and other dietary restrictions?

  • We will do our best to accommodate guests with food allergies within reason. To make special arrangements, please contact events@islandschool.org.

Will alcohol be served? What is the drinking age in The Bahamas?

  • The drinking age in the Bahamas is 18+.
  • Alcohol will be served only to attendees who are 18+ at our Friday evening reception. Otherwise, campus will be dry, including all dorm spaces, meaning no alcohol is allowed to be stored or consumed.
  • The Deep Creek homecoming has alcohol and food available for purchase and all attendees under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Will childcare be available? Will there be kid-friendly activities?

  • We will not be offering formal childcare, however, the majority of our scheduled activities are kid-friendly. Please plan ahead if you are traveling with an infant or toddler.
  • Spaces on campus, like our Early Learning Center, can be used by kids and parents throughout the weekend.

Is the Deep Creek Homecoming Free?

  • Though admission to the Deep Creek Homecoming is free, it is a community-sponsored event where food and drinks are available for cash purchase.

Can I bring my scuba gear and will there be diving?

  • We will not be offering diving as a part of our schedule, but you are welcome to bring your personal gear and book with a local dive shop, such as Miller’s Dive Shop.

My child is a younger alum and will be traveling with friends to the reunion. What can parents expect in the way of adult oversight/supervision?

  • Any children that are under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If a group of minors is traveling together, they must have an adult who is present for supervision throughout the event.

If you have additional questions please email events@islandschool.org.