The Cape Eleuthera Institute welcomed College of DuPage last week, our first visiting college program of the spring season!  Led by Dr. Jim Ludden, of College of DuPage, as well as Dr. Dave Philipp and Julie Claussen of University of Illinois, CoD’s 9 students formed the inaugural class to visit CEI.As part of the Introduction to Tropical Marine Ecology course, the students were responsible for introducing their classmates to many ecological concepts, from mangrove habitat structures to local fisheries’ conditions.  They participated in a case study focused on Lukku Cairi, a proposed development in South Eleuthera, and the potential impacts upon the marine environment.  Each individual also took the time to develop a personal interest in a specific topic, ranging from the history of failed resorts on Eleuthera to shark populations, which will materialize into a research paper.

Students show Dr. Jim Ludden some love at Lighthouse Beach

Countless hours of field work were logged, numerous bonefish tagged, and Eleuthera was thoroughly explored from top to bottom.  The students laid the foundation for a fantastic relationship to flourish between College of DuPage and the Cape Eleuthera Institute; we look forward to seeing them again in 2016!