Dr. Owen O’Shea, Associate Researcher with the Shark Research and Conservation Program at The Cape Eleuthera Institute, recently visited the Haynes Library in Governor’s Harbour to deliver a talk on sharks and rays to around 40 young people and members of the Bahamas Reef Environment Education Foundation (BREEF). In his 90-minute presentation, Dr. O’Shea covered important aspects of shark ecology and biology in The Bahamas and held an open discussion on why sharks and rays are so important for ecosystem function.

Owen O'Shea BREEF conference

The children that took part in this sea camp were aged between 8-14 and were all captivated by the images, videos and stories that Owen shared with them. “They were all so knowledgeable about the sharks in these waters,” said Owen afterwards, “it was remarkable that a group of young people were aware of the global pressures facing this group of species and wonderful to hear that many intended on applying for CEI Shark Program internships in the future.”

“Delivering outreach is an essential tool for scientists’ working at CEI and this was no exception,” added Owen. “I certainly think there were many future marine scientists sat in the audience.”