by Dashae Clarke, DCMS Grade 7
What I learned at Summer Bridge was that the Deep Creek Middle School is different from all other schools, in Eleuthera and probably throughout the entire Bahamas. Bad behavior is treated much differently at Deep Creek Middle School. By using a system of color coded cards, such as red, orange and yellow. A green star is used to show you’ve been a good student.

Deep Creek Middle School hosts special events such as dances, field trips, sports, parties, scuba diving and other fun educational activities. Each child has a chore that helps the school to stay clean.

Normally, a Janitor or Janitress would do these things at any other schools. The Deep Creek Middle School has Students Government and they do things physically and socially within the community. Students Government gives students a voice in the school. You can meet new friends and share ideas. Meeting teachers from all over the world is surely an experience and mostly this school is striving to make the future leaders of the Bahamas. I think this school is right for me!!!!!!!