About Our Programs & Partnerships

Partnering for a More Livable, Sustainable Future

Some of the most important work we do at The Island School involves our work within the community and the individuals and organizations that partner with us. These joint efforts integrate The Island School with Eleuthera and The Bahamas, as well as help build global connections. We are also always thrilled to connect with more distant groups who seek a dynamic environment for educational programs or science and innovation opportunities.

Leveraging Strengths, Developing Purposeful Leaders

With a shared focus on education, conservation, and sustainability, our aim at The Island School is to match our unique mission and expertise with the needs of our partners.

We collaborate with local schools, youth, families, community leaders, government organizations, and area partners to design and implement community engagement programs that have been requested.

We partner with visiting schools, colleges, and universities from around the world to provide short programs, connecting education and the environment, that enable students to engage in meaningful, experiential learning.

We work with educators and administrators who want to challenge themselves, as they engage in a sustainable community and probe best practices for experiential education.

Driven by a common purpose, we believe these collaborative partnerships can help develop conscientious citizen leaders who will go on to inspire and drive change in the world.


Together, Making a Difference

From conservation to sustainable development, from protection of the natural ecosystem to community engagement, our close work with partners is helping to make a meaningful and lasting impact.

The Island School Stories

We are fortunate to do impactful work with a wide array of organizations and individuals. Whether we are collaborating with a Bahamian non-profit to expand our reach within The Bahamas, partnering with a college or university on research initiatives, or working with the government to share research findings that can support environmental regulations, we are made better by our partners and appreciate every opportunity to expand on our work through these collaborations.

Candice Brittain

Director of Outreach & Partnerships

The Island School mission for creating a better world through education is both bold and tangible — and the effort they are exerting is creating clear results. A School can be a model of what we want to do in the world. It is at a scale small enough to get our mind around, yet big enough to be significant.

Dr. David Orr

Writer, Professor, Environmental Activist