G7: Snorkeling, exploring, adventuring! Turtles, rays, mangroves! Our Seven’s were on the go as they eagerly explored marine ecosystems of South Eleuthera. During this time, they were all scientists, exploring, researching, observing and becoming passionate about the marine ecosystems of The Bahamas. We caught sharks and stingrays, snorkeled coral reefs, tagged turtles, and learned about local fisheries, lionfish and mangroves. The week was packed with amazing adventure and tons of fun. We all left exhausted, but fulfilled. Our intent is to have students create a marine advocacy project to “Save Our Seas”.

G8: The Grade 8s triumphed in new experiences during SWW- new situations (overnight camping), new ecosystems (from seagrass beds to crawfish fisheries), and new locations. Students took a guided swimming tour through mangroves, snorkeled a reef off the Cape, traveled to Spanish Wells to interview crawfish fishermen, stayed the night at Preacher’s Cave, and saw the Sapphire Hole in north Eleuthera.


G9: After completing all PADI book learning, students used the full-day SWW week to work toward SCUBA certification.  Students met at the Island School Boat House, put together their dive kits, and went underwater twice a day.  A highlight was meeting so many fantastic dive masters and instructors from CEI and IS. We send out most heartfelt thanks to all who helped us reach our goal! Led by Captain Ron Knight and assisted by Ms. Hoban and Ms. Schmitt, students showed us that they are competent and comfortable scuba divers. We are so proud of the whole group!